we’re being faced with a serious issue.

there is only 1 sarcasm left

now we’ve got to use it wisely. please, for the love of god, think before you speak. it’s gotta be good.

yeah, okay, i’ll be sure to do that

on my first day of college my janky phone alarm didn’t go off and i just happened to wake up by complete accident 10 minutes before class started in a class where the professor dropped students off the roster if they skipped the first lecture WHATEVER YOU DO DON’T BE ME

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AH dang I got a second email back from NIS america that said they weren’t able to get a review copy my way but they were really super nice about it and said thanks for keeping the love alive, I figured with limited amounts a fuckin’ tumblr blog wouldn’t be high on their list

But they were interested which was pretty cool

I think Gundam's voice is on point, but Komaeda and specially Hinata... I simply can't picture the final dialogues with that voice.

I actually like Hinata’s voice a lot! Komaeda’s I don’t think I’ve heard enough of to make any final judgement on, but I’m definitely looking forward to hearing his breakdown in chapter 1.

It’s funny how the opinions on the dub cast range from rapturous joy to just this deep, burning hatred and disgust ESPECIALLY with Gundam’s voice

But for real I think everyone needs to at least give the english dub a chance, at least 1 chapter worth, everyone’s just so used to the japanese voices after all this time of course it’s gonna sound weird at first


English voice dubs!